Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Why do we work ?

What is our motivation at work? Are we moving today for the money, a need for attention and praise or something that matters more ? What drives us to work and to do it well ?

There is no doubt that economic compensation and the desire for a promotion are two of the most important motivating factors , but will be the only ones? Will they be the most important ? I think not, there is increasing evidence that we are moved by others, such as obtaining a better " mental salary " or more importantly, by something internal , by our desire to make things right , either by a or spiritual motivation overcoming himself.

Understanding what drives us to work can help us focus on what is really worth to exceed best stages in which one feels that everything goes wrong , or you're bored of work, or that their relationship with other employees is bad because he knows that what he does has a value that goes beyond his salary , or getting along with your boss , it is a personal challenge that has a self-motivated . The mere fact of having that personal motivation , makes you work better, harder , more dedication and that often the mark of a good worker with an excellent one .

We have said in previous articles that bear only succeed all you have inside , and give it implies that one has a strong commitment to their work and have a priority order to help you assess and prioritize what's most important .

the intellect of a genius, or great originality , or a special power for creativity. She writes well , not by virtue of a natural talent , but through a review and careful work , to a mind conscientious and patient , through diligent attention to the criticism of their teachers. The secret of its progress is the work and commitment.

What if there is no effort at work, if eludes all traces of toil and sweat , peace hardly announces his arrival . And if you finally do, your flight will be like a light and whimsical comet traveling erratically. In a world where many are starving , others do not find a decent job , it is unlikely to think that in this oasis of shortcomings and disappointments , the vague find your accommodation. The courage and optimism are first cousins ​​of patience , this is not born in a vacuum . At first glance , reliable and stubborn , leave it alone without the shield of optimism and determination and courage as attitude, and until it wilts and turns like a candle.

He also said that perhaps the trick is not to look at the events that happen to us forward , not to measure the projects or work in terms of weeks or even days. In life you have to give it a try , with short-term visions and nervous winks not seduced , not just show your best side.

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