Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Am I making the right choices for my career ?

It tells us that it is possible to accelerate the progression of our career and soon reach the coordinates we want. But this result , it is very important to have some intentionality on the route , and recommended 10-10-10 method , which is simply the process of systematically consider the consequences of a decision over the next 10 minutes , 10 months and 10 years.

To make a current assessment of our career path , should first consider four questions about our work .

1. My job allows me to work with those who share my sensibilities about life , or should I isolate some of my preferences, or assume a different personality to work during the day?

The key word in this question is " sensitivities " : values ​​, behaviors and personal characteristics that make us feel that we are among people like us . It is a fact that no job or profession will be adequate if required us to work with people who do not share our values. We spent most of life at work.

Two . My job makes me smarter to expand my mind , develop my skills and get me out of my comfort zone ?

It is certainly nice to have a job in which we are the smartest person in the room. Over time , however , we can become a " murderer of races." So if our career 10-10-10 involves a possible change of direction , not only ask " Do I have the right skills ? " . Ask yourself " Will I enjoy the challenge of acquiring new ones? " .

Three . My work opens my doors ?

As contradictory as it may sound, sure to have the right job if it has the potential to lead to another job elsewhere . That is because the races, by definition, are not dead ends. They are made of opportunities that lead to other opportunities.

April . My work gives me a meaning ?

Do what you love , and the rest will come naturally . The perfect job and the perfect career are just perfect if you make us happy . Something about work, the excitement of achieving a sale, the excitement of doing something with our colleagues in the prescribed time, the reward to train a newcomer or assist a client , that just makes us feel fulfilled . We feel important , fills the soul .

 Welch concludes, always remember : we simply can not , and should not, apply 10-10-10 without taking into account the factor " quality of life " in each of our choices.

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