Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Letter to work better

Our vocation is one of the variables that must be taken into account when thinking of ideas for improvement. And in our work we spent the most hours of the day, is the source of our economic resources , can also be the source of satisfaction or dissatisfaction of many who feel that they have succeeded or failed as well as the case .

 That is why we should always be mindful of how to work better , how to be more productive . It will depend on our promotions, our online career and in some cases our level of reward.

Looking for some concrete ideas that help us to work better , I found on the web, a letter of best wishes for a worker writes and which I found very interesting as to publish in this space.

 My suggestion is to read it several times, and put a plan to see as implemented, as each request is all a target to improve. Here is an excerpt :

" That my bosses do not become obsessed with getting motivated, I'll take care of that . They are limited to design a pleasing professional environment , challenging , fair and free . Not to be confused with hours of physical presence quality time in this society expensive resource dispersed . What other aspects of me - family, friends , culture, sports ... - are addressed as they deserve .

Have the personality to handle loneliness , to choose a non-constructive and loyal , independent contrast of my yeses . I learn to master the art of living , an essential key for my PhD in the art of directing . That my heart right and make peace , based on the credibility and personal persuasion .

That my overactive mind listen to the messages from my body , prematurely aged. I do not take my job so seriously, that the person I am to govern with a firm hand the character I represent. That whoever I realize that I am the way, you learn to laugh at myself , the last great subject that only the wise pass with flying colors.

Capturing and feel human river flow , attract talent and govern my business , meet and raise children , maintain a friendly relationship with myself , my luggage renewing intellectual, emotional and spiritual .

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