Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Radiography of successful professional

One of the questions most ground while responding me in my work is about the qualities you should have successful professional. And is that a few years ago calling profile was completely different from now . Before it was enough to end up in a college or a certain prestige and experienced . Soon, in addition also requiring a graduate degree or specialization in Master call it a special field . But it turns out now , and there are many who fit that profile , and companies have become more exquisite to recruit staff .

What else is asked today? That professional has skills or competencies and values. As for skills, there are many types, but for practical purposes the will classify into two, the personal and social . The personal relate to the ability of people to make decisions, know how to negotiate , leadership and strategic thinking. If you do not know the meaning of each one of these things .
In relation to the most important social skills that companies are asking conflict management , teamwork and emotional intelligence. The relationship with others is very important , whether with co-workers , subordinates or bosses. Many times we tend to think that the boss has to be treated as foremen the computer that has the responsibility to command respect . Nothing is more false . A boss who says he is the boss is a bad sign, implies that the leadership in this boss is already in tatters .

On the other hand are also values ​​. They must be people of integrity , in one piece . That does not work for work , but that work transcends , has reason beyond making money. They did a survey recently in which they asked that asks employees to work. And the answers were salient economic independence , opportunity to express their talent and let them live from Saturday to Sunday . Why people have gotten used to it ? With that mindset come to work as a punishment when it is the place where you spend most of your time , therefore it should be smarter search fall for the same to enjoy what they do.

" The successful professional must be an expert on the subject handled , having capacity of expression, be a person of integrity , honest character, who is capable of managing the right decisions unpopular but sometimes difficult to make. If not, it makes life pretty miserable for those who support and work with it all day. Passionate about his work and success turn the page quickly.

With 2 or 3 very clear ideas, the moral foundations are untouchable , with strong family roots , but there are also those who come from broken families but did gain, moved in abundance adversity .

One of the core values ​​that you must have is humility. It is a value that handles well the error and successfully handled well . Humility is educated in learning. It opens the mind. These people are wrong when they take flight and keep walking . And when it seems that things are going well do not believe too . ( The awkward is he who believes is never wrong . 's Smart to realize that when you make a mistake , but smarter when it corrects , and even more so when apologizes . )

Another is consistency , big people get very far because not only is in the "here " and "now" . They are patiently taking firm steps in the right direction . It is also curious people , and wants to surround himself with talented people around. No " compared with " but " want to learn " .

They want smart people to his side. And optimistic people , when they have many reasons to be pessimistic . They choose optimism and look vital , fair . And have a sense of humor. I think this is a natural corollary of being humble . Instead of taking it to the tremendous , with humor as filter for living. The mood really saves you from depression. Not only are people who tell jokes , but laugh at themselves. They charge away and perspectives on themselves and decide to put together a comprehensive list , friendly with themselves and this requires of humor. Once you know, or get depressed or laugh .

All these people are social beings curiously , supportive and expansive but very well handled his loneliness . Leadership has to do with people who surrounds himself with competent people , influences his collaborators but also know how to be alone. The tragedy of modern man is that he knows to be alone.

With respect to humor, if leadership is a process of transformation , to release the energy and talent of human beings to whom it is addressed , it does have to do with institutionalizing the learning process , given our human condition , our fragility and vulnerability , there will always be mistakes. How do I handle the error , to be a source of learning ? Humor is the one you avoid falling into despair , which prevents you depressed , the mood is one that you can not resign. I think leadership is a universal custom that affects us all . Leadership is also leading a modest housewife , a teacher leadership that makes you lose your fear of math , leadership of a doctor in his office, not in the newspapers but are exercises influence humans. If I were the manager of a company, what I like to do is assimilate the gardener in an environment where plants can grow , and where they grow if you let them .

Finally , a good professional is one who is not used to and focused on the winner and the loser . Today I can be champion , winner and my ego 'm fat, but tomorrow I'm loser and I get depressed . But this is not so, the concept of success must be based on something deeper, something more solid. Who defines success ? If you define your place in the championship you're going to infamy or depression . But if I who define success , I will be always winner.

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